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Handmade candles made with love, care and exclusivity. Each candle is made individually by our amazing project participants.


Candle composition: rapeseed wax


Candle scents:

Orange and pepper

Mandarins and pomegranates

Armani Si

aromatic oil gives the candle a wonderful sweet and dreamy scent that you want to taste


Cotton wick


Home coziness with handmade candles

The cloud - rapeseed wax candle

Color: White
  • Pick up the product for FREE (SIC social workshop, address: Ežero str. 8-122, Šiauliai)

    If you cannot pick it up, the purchased product will arrive to you within 7 days  days (in Lithuania)! 

  • If we do not have this or another product you want in stock at the moment - we will always be able to produce a new one. The production of such a handicraft takes 1  week  from the date of order.